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  • Asset management audit & benchmarking

  • Technical asset portfolio planning

  • Asset transfer / sale consulting

  • Risk vs investment vs reward analysis

  • Supply chain effectiveness analysis

  • Strategic maintenance & materials consulting

  • Asset portfolio utilisation & budget planning

  • C-Suite / investor decision making consulting

  • Asset management organisational transformation

  • Technology & data management consulting

  • CMMS / EAM / ERP system consulting

Providing comprehensive analysis, guidance and advice to optimise return on investment, asset portfolio performance and manage risks for sustained financial growth.


  • Asset register & functional hierarchies

  • FMEA, criticality & critical equipment analysis

  • SECE identification & performance standard implementation

  • Maintenance plan, schedule & spares list creation 

  • Maintenance & spares management workflows

  • Maintenance & spares data builds / optimisation

  • Maintenance backlog support

  • Obsolescence & single point failure analysis

  • Regulatory compliance maintenance identification 

  • Maintenance performance management

Optimising how you maintain your assets with a lean approach and a collaborative roadmap to reducing operating costs and eliminating technical risk.


  • Scoping, planning, costing & management

  • Resource identification and management 

  • Identifying, analysing, and mitigating project risks

  • Independent project monitoring

  • Creating and maintaining detailed project timelines

  • Organising and maintaining project documentation

  • Project reporting & stakeholder communications

  • Fabric maintenance project management

  • Maintenance improvement project management

  • Shutdown / TAR planning & project management

Ensuring the longevity and reliability of your assets and by ensuring projects are fully prepared and executed without any surprises. 


  • Secondments and remote technical support

  • Maintenance-Management-As-A-Service (MMAAS)

  • Independent incident / failure investigations

  • Technical procedure writing

  • Document control and management

  • Inventory physical counts

  • Spare parts labelling, grouping and organisation

  • Client FAT / acceptance witness support 

  • Technical performance benchmarking

  • Bespoke in-house training courses

Enhancing your team's experience with technical expertise and working to unlock your assets potential.

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